Hi 👋,
apparently I have been a little busy this year and a half because that’s how long since my previous post here.
Let me be honest: I have never been really consistent with this “blog” but… wow!

Well, I just wanted to write here about my latest adventure, I am streaming on Twitch!

My main motivations are:

It has been more than a month (or even two) of trial and error but today I just reached 6 days in a row streaming and I am really happy for that 🎉 !

I don’t know where will this get me… but let’s see! 🚀

Not much to add for the moment. It is late and I just wanted to write something about this because it has been a great milestone for me.
Let’s make tomorrow my 7th day in a row! 💪

PS: Currently I am programming some game in JS. You can check the code here.