Fighting lethargy

It has been almost four years since my last post. Wow… That’s tough.
Well, it’s not new. I have a tendency to yearly posts (New Year’s resolutions?). But this time, it has been not one but four of them.

And I am committed to make it change.

Why this? Why now?

So I have really had this feeling of telling myself to slow down for almost all my life. I have never liked to stand out and I always tried to just go by my life not making much noise.
I feel the need to clarify: I don’t think I am special or that I would have stood out if I wouldn’t have controlled me. I am just saying I feel I have being doing this for a looong time. And I do not want to do it anymore.

So, what is changing?

Many things have already changed. For example, I am organizing better my life (specifically my personal notes, my work notes and my side-projects). I have also moved my daily routine more in the morning, so I have more free time in the afternoon. And because of this free time I have started some new projects and recovered some old ones.

What? Are you asking for some proof? Got you! I have moved my blog from Wordpress to Hugo. And I have moved it from to the root domain
I have also changed the main language from the blog, I will write from now on mostly in english. But I am open to write in spanish too, even though I do not really like the confusing mixture this can generate.

Next steps?

So I have some projects I want to bring to life and I think this blog can benefit from that. I will be doing some kind of 2-week projects challenge starting on December (more on this in my next post: The Lunar Challenge I am still looking for a fancy name) so at least a post per project will happen.