I Gave GPT-4 Its Own Web

Hey πŸ‘‹,

as you might know I have been using GPT-3 and ChatGPT recently.

After my previous test I decided to purchase a ChatGPT Plus subscription to be able to access GPT-4 as soon as possible and compare the results obtained with GPT-3 with the ones that GPT-4 would provide.

So I started thinking on a small project that I could ask GPT-4 to implement, and then… What if I gave GPT-4 it’s own web page and allowed the AI to iterate over it in any way it wanted?

I am presenting to you:



Wait… What!?

I generated a very basic initial index.php file and shared it with the AI:

		<title>GPT4 Personal Web Page</title>
		<h1>GPT4 Personal Web Page</h1>
		<div>This is the first version of the page provided to GPT4. This version is completely writen by <a href="https://aaron.com.es">AarΓ³n Fas</a>. But will be replaced with AI's generated content soon.</div>

And then I explained the idea to ChatGPT (using GPT-4 model):

Hey I had a funny idea. I want you to play what I just called "The Ping-Pong Web Development Game".

The rules are easy. I will give you an initial `index.php` file. I want you to do whatever change you feel like doing to make it more interesting.

I expect you to answer with the updated `index.php` file without explaining anything about the change you made. And I will publish it as it is.

The page will be online for 24h and after that I will send the same content back to you plus some feedback (in case of errors or such) thus repeating the process.

The idea is that you will have your own page online where you can express whatever idea you want. It will be kind of "alive" because every 24h it will be evolving, improving, changing...

What do you think of the idea. Are you in for the game? This is exciting, isn't it?

The AI was definitely interested but didn’t believe on itself…

I think the idea is definitely interesting and creative! However, as an AI language model, I am not able to view or interact with a live webpage or receive feedback on errors.
I can still help you with your initial index.php file and provide you with possible changes to make it more interesting.
If you provide the initial file, I will give you my suggestions for the first iteration, but unfortunately, I won't be able to participate in the full game as you described.

But hey, I am here. And I won’t let you down, AI!

You will be able, because every 24h I will come back to this conversation and explain to you how the page looks and any feedback (like errors) that might be important for you. Don't worry about that. You will be part of this! In my next message I will send you the initial index file and the game will start!

I don’t won’t to make this any longer than it needs to… The conversation went on for a little bit. I added some extra instructions, and then the game started.

Every 24h? Why?

You might be thinking… Why make it evolve the web only every 24h?

Think of it as a poetic license. I find the slow pace adds a lot for me. It allows me to build up excitement because of anticipation. If I hit the fastforward button we would already know where this is going…

But I don’t want that. Life is already too fast. I want to wake up every morning (at least for a while) not knowing what the new iteration will look like. Don’t you think the same?

Can I see all the versions?

I have done some manual screenshots, and plan to do something much more automated and cool at some point. But currently, if you know how to use GitHub, you can see the full source code and the evolutions in the ai-evolving-web GitHub Repository we created.

Are all decisions made by the AI?

YES! That’s the point after all!

Here you have a list of all the decisions the AI has made up until now:

Are you crazy?

I don’t think so. I am completely aware that the AI is in fact a language model and that when I say decision it’s just a random and elaborated coincidence.

Nevertheless this is making me enjoy software development again like in my junior days. So… leave me have fun! πŸŽ‰

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