Redirect www to non-www in Dokku

Hey 👋,

recently I have been trying to figure out why my site was not ranking very well for my own name.

A friend of mine suggested to check my site in ahrefs.

I had a pretty decent ranking (92%)… but I saw something strange with my canonical url: I was not redirect www to non-www.

How to redirect www to non-www using Dokku

After a couple of quick Google searches the answer was not obvious.

Some places pointed to using some custom configuration for nginx. But the dokku’s documentation was a bit confusing for my taste.

But then I found an easier alternative: Dokku Redirect plugin.

As easy as sshing into my dokku server and doing:

  1. Installing the dokku-redirect plugin.
$ dokku plugin:install
  1. Setting up the actual domain redirect for my app.
$ dokku redirect:set 301

⚠️ Note: In the last command (above) the first is the app name.

That’s it!

Now all my requests to redirect to 🎉

Let’s see if that improves my ranking :)

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