Stop and Think


this is not my usual article in this blog. It’s less technical and much more abstract than usual. Consider yourself warned.

Today I just stopped for a moment and thought. Did nothing else, just tried to consciously think.

This was after I found on twitter an image which basically gave three advises:

Coincidentally, this happened right after a nap. And I unconsciously started thinking about that tweet.

I couldn’t write, so I tried to think but trying to imitate writing. One word after another. Making phrases in my head.

Let me say that this is not at all how I think. Usually, it is just a mixture of half-baked ideas/concepts in my head. And these ideas are smashed ones into the others. I don’t know how to explain it better, but if you are anything similar to me you probably understood.

As I said this time I “wrote” it mentally. I was forcing the linear and textual thinking that writing usually brings. But this time in my head. It felt slower, but it also felt much more powerful.

Powerful in a sense that, even though it was slower than my usual thinking (and required more concentration). It was also faster than writing. And I didn’t need any resource other than time and myself.

I found this surprising. And suddenly stopping and doing nothing other than thinking made a lot of sense.

While thinking on this I had a bunch of other ideas but I didn’t dig deeper on them. Maybe next time?

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