The Lunar Challenge

Hi 👋,
in my last post I said I was plannig to start a new challenge and that I would be sharing the details shortly. Let me present to you: The Lunar Challenge 🚀

What is it about?

I will deliver a different product every two weeks. Starting on November 23rd.
Longer answer:
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Motivation? Why now?

I have always wanted to start my own successful project. But I now realize I never did much in order to get it. And you might ask: why? Glad you ask…

The magical jar

At some point in life, I do not really know when, I started to think that I had a limited supply of “stamina”. My mental process went something like:

When born you were given a magical jar full of this strange compound called stamina.
Every single time you worked really hard for something your jar emptied a little.
Nobody wants to have an empty magical jar (that’s useless!) so you better ration it out.

It seems something mystical, magical or plain crazy, I know. But it made sense to me. And, I have to confess, it still does… But recently I had one of these big “what if” moments and something clicked inside me.

What if the stamina was not given to you on birth as a whole. What if the stamina was something slowly being regenerated?

All this time trying not to waste any of it and I was wasting it by liters because of my full spilling jar.

Back to earth

Maybe all of this is nonsense to you, but it somehow worked for me. I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to come for so long and it’s time to move!

So, as many others, I have a list of ideas I want to work on. I honestly think most of them are useless, but I have set my mind to start working on them. But didn’t know how to start until now.

Recently I have seen people doing similar challenges forcing themselves to regularly deliver stuff. And I thought why not trying myself? 🐒

The plan

Starting on November 23rd I will be working on some side project for two weeks.
On December 3rd I will publish a post with the result. Containing at least:

Reach me out!

If you happen to be in a similar situation, you felt inspired by this post or just wanna chat please: contact me on twitter or by email (both at the bottom of the page!)

That’s all for the moment, thanks for reading!

Bonus! Some extra whys: